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Our restaurant POS software is designed to be simple and easy to use.


You'll be able to quickly get started and begin taking orders and payments in no time. POS can help manage your operations so you can focus on growing your brand!

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The billing software that is designed for use by humans.

A restaurant billing process that is easy to use ensures that even your most untrained staff can quickly start printing bills.

·       Works on any PC, laptop & printer

·       Multiple KOT printer/ KDS Configuration

·       Customizable bill format with QR-code for payment

·       Offline Architecture


A centralized dashboard for owners would make it easier for them to see what is going on.

The restaurant analytics dashboard allows you to quickly and easily see how your restaurant is performing without having to wade through lots of reports.

  • Monitor Multiple Outlets & Brands

  • Multiple Aggregators in a single dashboard

This billing screen is easy to use.

With great speed and accuracy Our billing software is designed for ease of use, allowing you to configure only the features you need on a daily basis. This helps to keep away any unnecessary distractions, allowing your biller to create bills quickly and accurately.

Kitchen-Wise KOT Printing

This software allows you to configure multiple kitchen order ticket (KOT) printers and assign categories to each printer individually. So, when you punch a bill for a Pav Bhaji and Biryani, the Biryani KOT goes to the Indian kitchen while the Pav Bhaji KOT gets printed in the Pav Bhaji kitchen.

Online Order Management

The point-of-sale system can directly accept orders from online aggregators like Swiggy and Zomato, without the need to switch between multiple tabs or apps. This allows the biller to immediately accept orders when they come in, without any errors, and to print bills and kitchen orders at the same time.

 Customizable Bill Format

With this billing software, you can completely customize your bill formats. You can print your logo, use vernacular billing, and dynamic QR codes for payments on the bill. Everything is possible with our software.

Multi-Terminal Billing

This architecture ensures that all billing terminals are always synchronized with each other, so that bill numbers are in sequence and you can print a bill for a KOT punched on one terminal from another terminal.

Configurable Taxes & Discounts

The POS system gives you the ability to add or remove discounts as needed, as well as easily configure and update the various taxes levied on your restaurant based on your services, region of operation, or any tax modifications by the government.

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